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Pride and Prejudice and Momo

I heard about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on metafilter and thus read the review at the AV Club when it caught my eye. Seems interesting, at least. I had never read Pride and Prejudice which I saw as a serious lacking in my education, and I read Jane Eyre because I wanted to read The Wide Sargasso Sea. Oh, and I enjoyed Wicked well enough. I bought an old fashioned-looking version from the bookstore (with a register and all) and I finished it this morning.

I felt like I kinda knew the whole gist of P&P from watching some of Bride and Prejudice. I read Bridget Jones's Diary and I remember reading something about how Colin Firth plays Darcy in the film and she has a crush on Colin Firth who also plays Darcy in a movie version of P&P?


So I knew the plot from general culture, and knew what to expect. I did not expect to like it so much. Her prose is really wonderful; I felt like in a perfect world everyone would talk like that.

Wickam seemed to do a character reversal. It felt a little like Austen was punishing him and Lydia for their shallow ways. In a sense you could say that Charlotte is shallow for her version of happiness.

The whole book would have been a lot shorter if people would have just communicated. All the resolution of the book was in people being honest with each other. I suppose there's no plot if people just didn't lie!

Been doing a shit ton of reading lately. I also read through Harry Potter again. David got us a subscription to the New Yorker for Christmas, and I love all the good reading there. I think I am going to tackle The Grapes of Wrath next.
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