Super Karate Monkey Death Car (frecklefaerie) wrote,
Super Karate Monkey Death Car

such is life

drafts of lj entries dancing like sugar plums in my head

Instead, here are my ideas on a playboy shoot for the Most Honorable Lady Gaga. I bet she subverts it into the unsexiest playboy spread ever:
  • Wearing a bikini made of senior citizen pubic hair, posed like an Eqyptian standing on a runway. Her sunglasses/headdress are reminiscent of leathery testicles
  • Covered in a latex bodysuit with a print of my little ponies in a toy aisle at a store
  • Surrounded by mannequin parts in a garbage truck (hat tip: carla)
My mother begins most phone conversations these days with, "I know you're not on facebook, so I wanted to tell you..."
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